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Angelus Lustre Cream


Angelus Lustre Cream

$ 8.98

Angelus Lustre Cream Made in USAis a versatile blend of the finest waxes, oils, soaps, and preservatives, if want to keep your shoes looking their best and maximize their lifespan then we recommend treating them on a regular basis to this superb product.

Leather is skin, but unlike your skin (which is alive and receives nourishment from the body) the leather on your shoes only receives the nourishment you give it. It can easily dry out, over-absorb water, or be damaged in numerous other ways. If leather loses its natural oils and moisture then it loses its flexibility; its fibers will start to crack and eventually break down. Well conditioned leather is soft and supple and will resist creases, wrinkles, and water penetration. Angelus Lustre Cream cleans, softens and helps preserve your shoes by nourishing them.

Angelus Lustre Cream is easy to apply with the provided dauber or small sponge, it soaks into the leather, dries quickly and buffs almost immediately to reveal a beautiful finish. The colored Lustre Cream has a dense pigment and is great for treating scuffs.

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