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Powerstep Signature Leather Orthotics 3/4 Length


Powerstep Signature Leather Orthotics 3/4 Length

$ 44.48 $ 48.95

The Powerstep Signature Leather Orthotics (3/4 Length) Insoles are a unique Orthotic Foot Care Product that offers supreme foot comfort and more with a natural leather that softens and conforms over time and are ideal for casual and dress shoes.

Powerstep Orthotics helps to relieve pain but more importantly, stabilizes and supports your foot to prevent foot pain related to over-pronation and other disorders such as:

  • -Mild to Moderate Over-Pronation -Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain
  • -Foot Arch & Heel Pain
  • -Ankle & Knee Pain
  • -Bunions -Calluses
  • -Claw toes
  • -Hammertoes
  • -Metatarsalgia
  • -Neuromas
Powerstep's first signature leather product, aptly named the Signature Leather Orthotics, relieves heel and arch pain in a thinner orthotic style with a supple leather top-coat. Similar to the Pinnacle, this style has prescription-like polypropylene supports with built-in flexibility for a comfortable fit.  The contoured stabilizing heel cup and platform protect the heel during landing. 

Features & Benefits include:

  • -Built in arch support and heel cradle for increased foot stability
  • -Distressed natural leather top coat softens & conforms with use
  • -Double layer shock absorbing EVA/VCT cushion casing for enchanced comfort
  • -Semi-rigid support shell calibrated with flexibility

Materials include:

  • -EVA Base Layer in a Shore A 40
  • -Geniune Distressed Brown Leather Top Coat
  • -Polyproplene Support Shell
  • -VCT Variable Cushion Technology Foam in a 1/8 inch depth

** Made In the U.S.A**

APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Accepted

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