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Powerstep Metatarsal Cushion Pads


Powerstep Metatarsal Cushion Pads

$ 8.98

Powerstep® Metatarsal Cushion Pads redistribute ball-of-foot pressure to relieve foot pain at the front part of the foot.

The compact Powerstep Metatarsal Cushions made of Poron® fit easily into your shoe and redistributes weight on the metatarsal bones to relieve forefoot pain. Casual-Dress Shoes & High Heels can wreak havoc on your feet as they tend to apply pressure toward the front of the foot that is comprised of the metatarsal bones which is very sensitive and prone to soreness and damage when too much pressure is put on it.

Features & Benefits of Powerstep® Metatarsal Cushions: 

Poron, microcellular polyurethane, cushions the weight in your forefoot and evenly spreads it out so you feel less pressure in one spot.

Self-adhesive backing secures the cushion in place so there's no need to adjust the fit.

Compact size fits easily into most shoes without changing the fit.

Left and right design provides a more exact fit inside the shoe.

Other Important Information About Powerstep Metatarsal Cushions: Fits normal foot types, including flat feet.

Material Content: Poron urethane foam.

Care: Hand wash, air dry. Made in USA.

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